Functional PU Leather

Our PU Leather gorgeous vibrant colors, with luxurious feel, durable and inherently stain resistant finish. Perfect for high traffic seating applications in Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Healthcare, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Retail, Office Space and more.

Breathable Leather

Breathable Leather is an innovative synthetic leather engineered for commercial upholstery and wall cover applications. The high-performance breathability enhances comfort while providing acoustical sound absorption, without sacrificing softness, aesthetics or durability.

Frame Retardant Leather XP

Frame Retardant LEATHER XP was developed for high traffic seating applications that require superior durability and stringent flammability performance. XP is commonly used in the rail car seating industry meeting all the required smoke/toxicity and flammability requirements.

Frame Retardant Leather XP-A

Extremely Fire resistant and developed exclusively for airline seating applications. XP-A was engineered specifically to withstand the rigors found in high traffic commercial airline seating and easily meets the FAA oil burn specification. XP-A is commonly laminated to foams and is easily tailored into beautiful high service life seating.