Current environmental regulations are strengthening strictely more and more on using fluorocarbon water repellent agent.
As a fact, it is very difficult to get same level water repellent effect as fluorocarbon agent.
On the other hand, customer demands the fabric for surface using is becoming thinner and thinner.
Those have given concern more serious about swelling of the hydrophilic non porous membrane.
Therefore, We developed VENTEX-NEO which is a low swelling membrane.
VENTEX-NEO is hydrophilic non porous membrane which held swelling less to the maximum.
• characterNon-porous and Hydrophilic
• composition100%Polyurethane
• film colorwhite
• thickness15μ
• width1520mm±15mm
• W/P>20,000mm
• M/P B-1>150,000g
• water swelling ratio2%
• minimum lot10,000m