Ventex-HC is an environmentally friendly microporous hydrophobic membrane for textiles. It can be used for the garments and any laminated textiles.
The effects of Ventex-HC not only have windproof, waterproof, also have excellent moisture vapor permeability.
Windproof, waterproof, and moisture vapor permeability.
 -Millions of microporous allow moisture evaporate.
 -The hydrophobic membrane doesn't cause any swelling problem.
Environmental protection product.
 -Fluorine-free makes Ventex-HC an environmental protection product.
 -No more wasted carriers.
• characterMicroporous and Hydrophobic
• composition100%Polyurethane
• film colorwhite
• thickness55μ±10µ
• width1450mm±20mm
• weight23±2gsm
• W/P>10,000mm
• M/P A-1>8,000g
• minimum lot10,000m