is 3layers fabric which has special 12-micron PU water proof/moisture vapor-permeable membrane inside.
For mostly regular 3layers fabric which has functional PU membrane inside gets damage by high temperature sublimation printing process, so 3layers fabric cannot keep initial soft hand feeling and functional performance after printing.
However, our can keep original condition after printing as we are using special PU membrane which was made developed for this application

Feature of StoRm-flex: 

Application : PFP for Sublimation Print / Team Jackets, Bike shirts, Casual jacket,
Windproof jacket, Outdoor jackets, shirts, etc.
Recommendation : Heat Transfer Condition / 190-210 degrees in Celsius x 40-50sec.

- Water-proof and moisture vapor-permeability
- Applicable for sublimation printing
- Excellent soft hand feeling

Supply membrane itself Ventex-12SF is available.

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