Non Slippery PU Leather sheet for decoration and trimming.

* ROCK has excellent durability of surface abrasion.
* ROCK has waterproof function.
* ROCK has good design for decoration sheet, patch and trimming.
* ROCK has two kinds of variation(with backing cloth and foil type).

Information sheet to the ROCK collection

ROCK is constructed of high durability of polyurethane top layer
(and black solution dyed base cloth).
Polyurethane top layer is waterproof for reinforcement applications.
Also you can choose without backing cloth type if you need.

132cm width × 50mtr/roll
Weight : approx 320g/㎡ (with backing cloth)
approx 170g/㎡ (without backing cloth)
Top Layer : Polyurethane (60%)
Middle layer : Solution dyed black polyester jersey (40%)
◆ PHYSICAL PROPERTY(For the sample submitted)
(Current in-house testing data, not guaranteed figures)