Characteristics of PROTEX

• PROTEX is reinforcing material for hard gear use.
• You can see three dimensioned small dots that are produced by
  traditional method has excellent abrasion.
• The dots are made from acrylic resin that is printed three times on
  nylon tricot fabric.
• This three times printing makes 3D dots, and this technique is based
  on Japanese traditional print - Yuzen for kimono (hand print).
• We started business with famous brands for rider wear's and other
  hard application like knee patch.
• Various brands loves this article not only durable but also its unique
• Hot-melt film is finished on the backside to laminate by hot press.

Available size description :

*Remark )
1. standard roll : 26panels/roll (about 20m/roll)
                min : 19panels/roll(about 15m/roll)
2. Roll-up condition : outside : hot-melt side (not dot-side)